Frontend customization

Customizing any page of GutenWP is easier than you can imagine. With WP Page Builder you can create or customize any page the way you want to. Let’s see how some of the content of GutenWP theme was designed with WP Page Builder.

To customize any page with WP Page Builder, you need to first log in to your website. Then do either of the following things:

Click “Edit with WP Page Builder” from the top bar in the frontend.


Click “Edit with WP Page Builder” from the backend of your website.

Please note, every single element of GutenWP was built using the addons of WP Page Builder. Six of the addons were solely developed for the GutenWP theme. You’ll have access to another six pro addons of WP Page Builder in this theme. To know more about WP Page Builder, please visit WP Page Builder Doc.

Gutenwp Music Post

Functionality: This addon will come in handy at times and can also be used as a media player. Using this addon you can show multiple audio or video blog.

Major controls: There are three different styles for this addon, you can pick the one that fits the most with your website. You can also select a particular category, set the number of posts and define the ordering.

Style: The style tab will let you take control over the title and content styling. You can change the color and typography from this tab.

Gutenwp Latest Post

Functionality: Gutenwp Latest Post is developed for showing all the latest blog post of the theme.

Major controls: You can pick a style from the given five. You can set the category, number of posts, post ordering and character limit for the post title.

Style: From the style tab, you can change the title color and enabling typography will give you access to change the styling of the addon’s typography.

Gutenwp PDF Book

Functionality: With Gutenwp PDF Book addon you can showcase any online book in a very attracting manner. For a personal blog, it’s a must-have addon.

Major controls: The controls allow you to upload book cover, set a title and put the download link. You can also control the alignment.

Style: The styling tab offers the functionality to change the color and typography of the addon.

Gutenwp Post Slider

Functionality: Using the Post Slider addon you can showcase the blogs of your website in the most elegant way. It’s the primary slider of the GutenWP demo.

Major controls: You can define the blog category to show in the slider, set the post numbers and choose the ordering. You can also put a text limit to its content.

Style: This section lets you change the color and typography of the title and content of any slider.

Gutenwp Category List

Functionality: If you want to showcase the post categories of your website in an elegant way then this is the go-to addon for you. The image for each category is set from Dashboard > Post > Categories > Add New Category > Image.

Major controls: You can define how many columns you want to show with this addon, set the number of categories you want to show and select the order.

Style: You can change the visual of this addon from the “Style” tab. You can modify the color and typography for the category section.

Gutenwp Title

Functionality: The Gutenwp Title addon is used for displaying a large title on anywhere of your web pages.

Major controls: Put the text in the title field, add subtitle content if you want and finally set the Alignment.

Style: This section lets you change the color and typography of your text. To change typography, enable the settings from the bottom.

Gutenwp Featured Post

Functionality: The Gutenwp Featured Post addon is designed to showcase featured posts in an aesthetic manner.

Major controls: Choose how many columns you want to show with this addon from one to four, define the number of posts and select their order.

Style: This section lets you change the color, border radius, and typography of this addon. To change typography, enable its setting. The functions are pretty self-explanatory.

Gutenwp Post Slider 2

Functionality: With the Gutenwp Post Slider 2 addon, you can show blog posts in a slider. This addon was used in the theme’s Life Style demo.

Major controls: You can define the blog category to show in the slider, set the post numbers and choose the ordering. You can also enable or disable the thumbnails.


Functionality: The Image addon lets you add an image to your site. With this addon, you can add one image. To add more images use the “Duplicate Addon” option.

Major controls: Upload image, set an alt text, give a caption and if you want to insert a link to that image put the URL in the “Link” field.

Style: Style tab lets you control the height/width of the addon, border, border radius, and box shadow. You can easily change the visual of the addon, these options are pretty self-explanatory.

Feature Box

Functionality: Feature Box is a great way to display tag messages, important features, and other things with a good title or a good content to focus.

Major controls: Choose a layout from the 7 given layouts, set a title or give an animation effect if you want. You can set the animation for title, intro text, and icons.

Style: Feature Box comes with different styling options for every single section of this addon. To change the visual effect of any section, go to that section from the style tab and configure your settings.

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