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Customizing any page of Bizness is easier than you can imagine. With WP Page Builder you can create or customize any page the way you want to. Let’s see how some of the content of Bizness theme was designed with WP Page Builder.

To customize any page with WP Page Builder, you need to first log in to your site. Then do either of the following things:

Click “Edit with WP Page Builder” from the top bar in the frontend.


Click “Edit with WP Page Builder” from the backend of your website.

Please note, every single element of Bizness was built using the addons of WP Page Builder. Therefore below you’ll have the usability of some of the most used addons in Bizness. To know more about WP Page Builder, visit WP Page Builder Doc.


Functionality: The Heading addon is used for displaying a large title on anywhere of your web pages.

Major controls: Put the text on the title field, adjust the size using HTML tag from “Title Tag”, and finally set the Alignment.

Style: This section lets you change the color and typography of your text. To change typography, enable the settings from the bottom.

Feature Box

Functionality: Feature Box is a great way to display tag messages, important features, and other things with a good title or a good content to focus.

Major controls: Choose a layout from the 7 given layouts, set a title or give an animation effect if you want. You can set the animation for title, intro text, and icons.

Style: Feature Box comes with different styling options for every single section of this addon. To change the visual effect of any section, go to that section from the style tab and configure your settings.

Bizness portfolio

Functionality: Bizness portfolio will let you showcase your portfolio. To add items, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Portfolio > New Portfolio.

Major controls: Choose the number of portfolios you want to show. Set the number of columns from one to four. Select the sorting method. Enable/disable post filtering and content visibility.

Style: You can change the visual of this addon from the “Style” tab. You can set the style for contents, set alignment and control the typography styling. Each option in the settings is given with a title defining what it really does.


Functionality: Carousel is an exclusive slider addon of WP Page Builder. You can present both text and image content in a beautiful manner.

Major controls: After adding any item, you can add the slider image, title, subtitle, content, button, and background. You can also control the slider settings including navigation and autoplay.

Style: You can change the visual of this addon from the “Style” tab. To change the styling of navigation, dot or content browse their respective tab.


Functionality: The Testimonial addon is a great way to show a single testimonial or a quotation on your site.

Major controls: You can choose the layout for the testimonial from the given four types. Set the name, image, link, designation, and message in their respective field.

Style: You can change the visual of this addon from the “Style” tab. You can set the style for Image, Name, Designation, Message Text, Quote Style, and Testimonial Wrapper. Each option in the settings is given with a title defining what it really does.


Functionality: If you want to add HTML tags and texts on any webpage, you can use this addon. Please note, you need to be careful when using this plugin. Any missing tag will break the design. Here we put the shortcode for a form found in the MailChimp plugin.

Major controls: Put the HTML tag and texts in the Content field and then set the alignment.

Style: Change the color of the text, link and link hover effect from the style settings option. To control the “Font Style”, turn it on and customize it in your desired way. The settings are pretty self explanatory.

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